Time and Space Scheme of Work

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Lesson Order

Topics covered

  • Gravitation and its role in celestial mechanics.
  • The main features of the solar system.
  • Cosmogony; the Big Bang and the Universe's earliest moments.
  • Chronometry and the evolution of human timekeeping.
  • Reaction times and how to calibrate a simple timing device.

Primary "Features"

Getting to grips with the size of the Universe

  • The main focus of this topic is to understand how the Universe evolved, what our Galaxy and Solar System consist of and how the motion of the Earth and the Moon affect us.

Time for Research

  • Is an opportunity for the pupils to spend a double lesson in the library using the books to research, plan, create and give a presentation.

Time Machine

  • Is an open-ended problem-solving exercise designed for a double lesson. Pupils construct a Rube Goldberg machine to measure a period of one minute. Prizes are awarded to those pupils who come closest to 60 seconds.