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This is the RGS SoW(iki). You can use the Lesson Plan Template if you're creating new lesson plans. If you don't know what you're doing then head to the Testing Area. Don't worry, you won't break anything.

Here are a few welcoming words to our wiki and a useful link to all the current specifications.

In addition here is a very useful link to the wiki cheatsheet - a list of commonly used wiki formatting.

Hell yeah, it's the List of Common Misconceptions.

Here is a summary of the departments homework policy homework policy

3rd Form

Old SoW Archive

4th Form

Old SoW Archive

5th Form

Old SoW Archive

British Physics Challenge papers:

6th Form

6th Form Scheme of work -

British Physics Olympiad AS Competition Papers:

7th Form

7th Form Scheme of Work -

British Physics Olympiad Papers 2009:

History of Science

60 symbols

Health and safety

When any of the apparatus/chemicals listed below are used they should be done so in conjunction with the risk assessments below. In the classroom there will be the appropriate warning signs put out, which should be explained to pupils. Cards will also be put out to remind teachers about the dangers, please relay these hazards to the pupils.