Magnetism and Electromagnetism

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  • 5-MAG-1 (x2) - Magnet basics (field shapes, field lines etc.)
  • 5-MAG-2 (x1) - Build and test a simple electromagnet
  • 5-MAG-3 (x2) - Shape of electromagnetic fields, build a simple speaker
  • 5-MAG-4 (x1) - Fleming's Left Hand Rule and the motor effect
  • 5-MAG-5 (x2) - Build a simple motor and finish motor effect
  • 5-MAG-6 (x1) - EM induction demos
  • 5-MAG-7 (x2) - EM induction theory
  • 5-MAG-8 (x1) - Transformer demos
  • 5-MAG-9 (x2) - Transformer theory and calculations
  • 5-MAG-10 (x1) - Magnetism mini test