IGCSE Energy

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  • 4Energy-1 (x2) - Energy Circus - Types and Transfers
  • 4Energy-2 (x1) - Energy transfer practice
  • 4Energy-3 (x2) - Efficiency of a trolley up a slope or bouncy balls or both
  • 4Energy-4 (x1) - Efficiency cont. Sankey diagrams and motor lifting a weight
  • 4Energy-5 (x2) - Conduction and Convection
  • 4Energy-6 (x1) - Radiation
  • 4Energy-7 (x2) - Reducing hear loss by insulation leading to energy loss in households
  • 4Energy-8 (x1) - Work done, energy transferred and power
  • 4Energy-9 (x2) - GPE and KE, using and rearranging the equations
  • 4Energy-10 (x1) - GPE to KE to work done
  • 4Energy-11 (x2) - Energy Resources
  • 4Energy-12 (x1) - More energy resources