Force and Density

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Lesson Order



Topics covered

  • The difference between scalars and vectors
  • Adding forces along a line
  • Recall and use of Moment = force x perpendicular distance from pivot
  • The weight of a body acts through the centre of gravity
  • The principle of moments
  • The upward force on a light beam varies with the position on a heavy object placed on the beam
  • How extension varies with applied force for helical springs, metal wires and rubber bands
  • Hooke's Law
  • Elastic behaviour
  • Pressure = force / area
  • Density = mass / volume
  • Direct measurement of the density of solid and liquid
  • Reinforcing the practical skills of:
    • taking and recording data;
    • plotting meaningful and relevant graphs;
    • identifying whether a graphical relationship is linear or proportional;
    • expressing derrived results to a reasonable number of significant figures;
    • identifying how to improve the reliability of data.