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Lesson Order

  • 4-ENG-01 Work done. Power. Types of energy
  • 4-ENG-02 Kinetic and potential energy. Conservation of energy.
  • 4-ENG-03 Conduction and Convection
  • 4-ENG-04 Radiation and Insulation
  • 4-ENG-05 Revision and test

Topics covered

  • Recall and use Weight = mass * gravity
  • Weight is always acting downwards (when working with diagrams)
  • recall and use work done = force * distance moved in the direction of the force
  • understand that work done = energy transferred
  • describe power as the rate of transfer of energy or rate of doing work
  • Power = work done / time
  • understand the difference between the gravitational and kinetic energy
  • gravitational potential energy = mass * gravity * height
  • kinetic energy = 1/2 * mass * velocity
  • understand how conservation of energy produces a link between GPE, Ke and work done