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  • Pupils can identify the 3 quantities involved with the acceleration equation
  • Pupils can begin to understand the difference between speed and velocity

Specification References

1.4 recall and use the relationship between acceleration, velocity and time, a=(v-u)/t


  • Discuss Top Trumps and the concept of 0-60 times. Try to get across how 0-60 can be turned into an actucal acceleration. Show some stats about various cars?
  • Set a question about who would win in a race between a car, a person, a bike and a horse. Most will no doubt say car (which is fine over a sufficient distance). Try to get them to think how the person could beat the other 3 (the idea that a person has the best acceleration so a short race would allow them to win)

Main Body of Lesson

Have pupils make some notes on acceleration and deceleration. Use white boards to rearrange the formula. Finish up with some questions.



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