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  • Pupils can plot distance time graphs

Specification References

1.2 understand and use distance-time graphs


  • Give out 10 stop clocks and have pupils line up at regular intervals and have something go past them. Could be a ball or something being passed to someone opposite them in the line.
  • Record the times on a spreadsheet or on the board and draw a graph (if you have a pre setup spreadsheet the graph can be drawn as you put the results in to save time). Have pupils describe the motion (e.g. constant or slow to start with then speeding up etc.)

Main Body of Lesson

  • Have pupils set up a distance-time graph on a SPARK with a motion sensor and have them try to recreate different shapped graphs, writing down how they achieved them.
  • Identify the 3 important lines (stationary, constant speed and acceleration/deceleration).
  • What does the gradient represent
  • What happens if the line is wiggly and we join the first and last points?


Describe some journeys and have pupils draw them on white boards.


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