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  • Pupils can use the Spark SLS data logger to some extent

Specification References



pupils to collect a Spark SLS and a postion detector

Main Body of Lesson

The "Using the motion sensor" Spark Lab is meant to guide pupils through using the system for the first time. Hopefully they will be able to navigate throught the tasks on their own. If they finish early they can try setting up some pages (using different graphs etc.). Or you could set them the callenge of making some different distance time or velocity time graphs. To open the Lab simply go to the open button on the Spark SLS and scroll to "Using the motion sensor" (it's at the bottom)


Have the pupils expain some of the functions they've used to the rest of the group.



Additional Information

Resources Required

If you're the only one who needs it you can use all 10 motion sensors and 10 Sparks - This would allow small groups which is ideal.

If two of you need the systems you can have 5 each (bigger groups but all should be able to see the screen)

Textbook References

Website References

Skills Addressed

Data logging and ICT