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  • Pupils can confidently use the speed equation
  • Pupils can convert between various speed units

Specification References

1.3 recall and use the relationship between average speed, distance moved and time: average speed = distance moved / time taken


  • What is speed? Try to get across the concept of rate of distance travelled

Main Body of Lesson

  • What is the unit – lots will say 1 mph. Ask the pupil to walk around the class at 1 mph (0.45m/s) or 1kmh (0.28m/s)
  • Think about how long it would take an Olympic sprinter to cross the room (pace out room for a rough distance)
  • How do we measure speed? Give out some stop clocks and get pupils to measure the speed of a “RC car?” around the room. Have 5 people measure and take a mean. Discuss why we take a mean.
  • You can also spread people out through the room and then do different calculations of speeds
  • Drive a car through a light gate? How does this compare with the value the class got? Why are they different?
  • Do some speed calcs (featuring multiples and sub multiples)
  • I have a spreadsheet with land speed, air speed and motorbike speed records in. I don't know what it could be useful for though (AGR).



  • Sheet featuring a series of speed calculations. Sheet in shared folder.
  • Read page 26-27 and answer questions on page 27

Additional Information

Resources Required

  • tray of stop clocks
  • remote controlled car
  • ball (to be passed around the room)
  • long tape measure
  • light gate and a method of mounting a picket fence onto the RC car

Textbook References

Website References

Skills Addressed